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Welcome to Aara by Dina!

I'm Dina, an educator by profession and a passionate crafter at heart. My journey into the deep abyss of crochet started over a decade ago with a large-scale donation project that not only sparked my love for the craft but also led me to achieve a Guinness World Record!

In September 2018, I launched Aara By Dina, inspired by the Persian word "Aara," meaning adorning. Since then, I've been adorning the world with my handmade crochet and knit creations, from cosy home decor to stylish clothing and accessories. Every piece I create is a blend of functionality and fun, designed to bring a touch of warmth and joy into your life.

Beyond crafting, I love sharing my crochet passion with others. Through classes, consulting, and tech editing, I aim to foster a community where creativity and skills can flourish.

Join me on this colourful journey, and let's make something beautiful together!

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