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Babies and Blankets

( Originally published on Fri, 21 Apr 2023)


It's been a while since I was here and I am glad to be back. So many thoughts flow through my brain but when it comes to putting them down, something freezes inside. Participating in blog hops not only push me into designing, it also pushes me to write!

I have always been fascinated with babies and my first memory of cuddling and holding one, is when I was around 3 or 4 years old, and we had a baby in foster care with us. From ages zero to five, children evolve so quickly it is a treat to watch them develop and grow into little humans. Everything around them is 'new'.

My younger brother was born when I was almost 7 years old. It was around then that I knew I wanted to work with children especially babies. While at school and college, I worked part time at a Foster Home, and then at a Play-School and Day Care, that my mother opened. The Play-School and Day Care went on to become my baby for the next 38 years. Little babies born in my friends and family circle, always steal my heart.

I learnt crochet to be part of a voluntary group who had asked for squares to be donated. These would then be put together to make baby blankets. Sitting in front of the computer, watching YouTube and my first granny square came alive. Once I got going there was no stopping me. My first large project was a blanket with granny squares made for my youngest nephew. I soon realised that as pretty as it looks, it needed a backing to ensure his little hands and toes did not get caught in it.

Cosy Textures Baby Blanket is a functional design with different textures to provide tactile stimulation to the baby. The design limits the little fingers and toes getting caught in the gaps. The pattern uses the basic crochet stitches to give a variety of textures, making it beautiful for babies to play with. Though the pattern is written in one size of 90x120 cms (36”x48”), size customisations are included in the pattern. The blanket looks equally beautiful made in a single colour or with many colours.

Blankets are always a time consuming project and hence with the limited time frame it was hard to get testers. My dedicated testers Rahila, Hamsila and Vimala, did an incredible job and a big thanks goes out to them.

The blanket was part of the blog hop hosted by Regina. Get your copy of the pattern for the Cosy Textures Baby Blanket here. Check out all the other patterns I have available in my Ravlery Store.


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