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Bits of ya-a-rn, bits of ya-a-rn.

Lying all around, lying all around.

Makes the pattern pretty, makes the pattern pretty

Pick them up, twist them up

A twist on the childhood song Bits of Paper! That is exactly what this hop is about- making pretty patterns and useful finished products out of small lengths of yarn. We make larger projects and very often we have little bits of yarn left which need to find a place in another project. These are my favourite kind of projects and you can read about the one I did last year, Scraptastic. This time twelve other well-established designers and I have come together to offer you a variety of patterns to do exactly this. From the 7th to the 19th of July, all our patterns will be available for a fixed price of $2 each. Take a look and buy one or buy all of them- I mean who could resist! More details about all the featured patterns are available here.

My pattern for the hop is The Versatile Pouch - a pouch that is exactly as it's name. Made with small bits of yarn and made to any size. I made it to fit my Tab but the wonderful people who tested for me, made it for their phones, books, and even as a multi-purpose pouch and a sling bag. It can be made in as many colours as you like, using up all the little lengths that you couldn't use anywhere else. It incorporates two stitch patterns - mostly because I thought the pattern needed a little variation and it has a flap with a button closure. The pouch is meant to fit snugly so that your devices do not slip out accidently.

When I call for testers, I ask if there is anything else they would like to share or ask me. So I was asked "how do you come up with so many patterns?" Like any creative process, there are times of great activity and there are slumps. This year started with quite a slump but then signing up for back-to-back blog hops started the creative juices flowing. I was dabbling with this particular wave pattern with the idea of working on another wearable and suddenly it morphed into this pouch. My first wearable, the Beach Breeze Cover Up was launched in June and has been received very well. So hopefully there will be another one soon.

In the meantime take a look at these pretty versions of The Versatile Pouch made by Kalpana, Shari, Sona, Smita, Vimala, Sneh, Ginger, Rahila, and Sneh. The variety should surely give you some ideas as to how to individualise yours. Getting feedback from such dedicated testers is invaluable to me as a designer.

Check my second post for the details of the blog hop and all the other featured patterns.

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