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(Originally published on Fri, 06 Oct 2023)

All my life I have been a 'scrap' collector- bits of paper, stickers, threads, fabric bits all to be used and reused. While doing my Early Childhood Care & Education course, we had a project of designing topic-based teaching aids. I guided my group to use scraps of various types - from empty paint bottles to cardboard bits to fabric scraps. I come from an era and country where reuse and recycle is in our DNA- not a fad or something that had to be taught. The 'meme' of plastic bags in plastic bags is so me!

Ever since I started crochet and yarn craft, I have collected the tiny scraps to use them at some point. The smaller bits can be used to attach tags or for stuffing for the odd amigurumi I make, etc. The bigger bits can be joined together to make multi-coloured projects or swatching for new projects. Having these bits around leaves no excuse for not swatching, something almost all yarn folk detest.

So when Regina came up with this Scrap-tastic Discount Hop, it was the perfect time to use the scraps to create a design. At the same time, my friend Nailah was looking for some patterns for bookmarks. So putting the two together, the design came to life in the span of a couple of hours. Nailah's Bookmark uses two or more colours and the Jacob's Ladder technique. The pattern includes pictures and links to make the pattern easy to follow. An advanced beginner would be able to make this pattern quite easily. The bookmark needs a fair amount of blocking to give it the final look.

So how is a Discount Hop different from a Blog Hop- in a Blog Hop there a pattern available free for each day of the hop and there is usually a bundle of all the patterns available for heavily reduced price. The Discount Hop instead has a pattern available each day at a discounted price. How many of us have accumulated more patterns than many lifetimes, just because they are free? As a designer I would prefer to have my designs used and projects made rather than just hoarding my patterns because they were free.

So head over to Regina's page and collect the code to get your pattern for the day at just $1. Nailah's Bookmark will be available at this special price only for the 6th of October.

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