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(Originally published on Tue, 05 Jul 2022)


I had never heard of the concept of 'Christmas In July' (CIJ) till very recently. As humans we look for any and every excuse to celebrate. Coming from a country of 13 festivals in 12 months, CIJ fits perfectly into the scheme of things. As a crochet designer, it is just another excuse for a new pattern.


Christmas In July seems to serve different purposes- to encourage those in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate the spirit of Christmas, with similar weather conditions as their counterparts in the North and to get people to start planning Christmas gifts well in advance- all in all, a commercial prospect! As for us yarn designers, it is the perfect time to launch new patterns as handmade items are slow and need time to plan and make.

Blog Hops introduce you to new designers and give you a variety of patterns. Patterns can range from home décor to scarves, caps, wearables, dolls and much more. For the yarn crazy folk, this is a bonanza. I have had the honour to work side by side with a global group of extremely talented designers.

Venturing in to the tricky area of designing something close to a wearable, I came up with the Ziba Mock-Cami. It works well for any season be it warm or cool. Sometimes we have a top or a dress that is a little too deep at the neck. And we end up constantly adjusting the neck line to make it more comfortable to wear. And sometimes adding a little colour to a top by wearing a camisole that just peeps through, is all that is needed to change the look of an outfit. The Mock-Cami works perfectly as it does not add another full layer of clothing- it just attaches to the bra straps and covers as much of the neck line as required. Though the pattern is written in three sizes, it has instructions to customise it for any size and the perfect fit.

The Christmas In July Blog Hop hosted by Regina is the perfect place to collect new patterns- one free pattern for every day in July.

And if you missed all these offers and want only the Ziba Mock-Cami, you can get it here. Check out all the other available patterns in my Ravelry Store.

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