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Collecting Patterns

(Originally published on Tue, 05 Dec 2023)


All the crafters I know are always collecting things- be it craft materials, supplies that could possibly be used for crafting some day, and patterns. You can read about collecting scraps on my post Scraptastic. Crocheters and Knitters have stacks and stacks of patterns in their libraries- both virtual and physical. I'm sure these patterns will take a few lifetimes to actually be completed. But with the age of consumerism we find it hard to let go of a good bargain- especially the free patterns.


So why are some patterns available for free and others paid? To understand this one needs to understand what goes into writing a pattern. A well written pattern needs clarity in the instructions making sure there is no ambiguity at all. Designers usually get testers to work on their patterns to ensure it is clear. Some designers also get their patterns tech-edited. All these cost time and money. The designer should rightfully charge customers for their patterns. However for various reasons some designers may decide that they do not want or need this compensation and their patterns are available for free. This does not work for most designers, hence the patterns come at a price.


However, who does not love a good bargain or an offer? So from time to time designers offer their patterns for free or at a discount. This usually happens around festivals and celebrations. Another way is a blog hop where the designer who is hosting the hop encourages customers to visit blogs of others designers and collect a pattern which maybe free or discounted for a limited time. This also builds the community and supports other designers.

Personally as a designer I have found that during these blog hops when the pattern is offered for free, I have sometimes had over a thousand downloads of my pattern. Whereas when offered at a discounted price, only a handful get downloaded. It is definitely a thrill to see that a thousand people have downloaded your pattern but have these patterns actually been used? Not that I have seen! As a consumer, it is more likely that you will use something if you have paid for it rather than have got it for free. Most designers would be happier seeing their patterns actually being made than just being added to a customer's library. Using this consumer psyche the discounted blog hops seem to make more sense for a designer.

Regina's 15 Days of December Discounts, ticks all the right boxes for designers and customers. These are a collection of quick gifts that you can make all at just $1 each.

My design for the hop is a coaster with a difference, to use for your festival table décor. The 12 Trees of Christmas can be used as it is to dress up your tables or used with a tea light or a pretty scented candle placed in the middle. They could even be used for a place setting at your Christmas tables with a name card or a water glass in the middle. The possibilities are endless. This pattern is worked around a ring or a bangle and resembles Christmas Trees with a layer of snow at their base. These work up very quickly, using minimal amounts of yarn and are perfect for last minute gifts.


I am delighted to share this space with some of the most talented designers in the world of Crochet. Please read till the end of the post to see how amazing collaborations between designers can be.


I have a beautiful set of friends who also test for me. They usually drop everything else and test my patterns making sure they are perfect for all you beautiful people. I allow my testers to make small variations which enhance the versatility of the patterns. This time Vimala Vignesh who sees hearts in everything discovered that the trees could be made into hearts. She happily wrote up the variation for me and this has been added to the pattern. What better way to celebrate the season of giving than getting a pattern which is a collaboration of designers!


Get the pattern for the 12 Trees of Christmas here. Visit my Ravelry Store to see all the other patterns.





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