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Mosaic Crochet

(Originally published on Tue, 06 Sep 2022)


Entering the world of crochet, some 9 years ago, little did I know there was more to this craft than just Granny Squares. And thanks to a Guinness World Record event in 2016, I got to meet so many other crocheters and fell deep into the abyss! I learnt to read patterns and then went on to test, and now design my own.

In 2019 I stumbled on the beautiful idea of Overlay Mosaic crochet, thanks to a CAL hosted by Daisy Knots. Something that looked so complicated was actually so easy. Using the most basic of crochet stitches- the single crochet and double crochet, intricate patterns can be woven. As is usual in the world of yarn, I am always looking for a new technique to learn and the others get put on the back burner. So when I started designing patterns, one with Overlay Mosaic was always on the cards.

Since I got an entry into the Fall into Autumn Blog Hop, what better pattern to use for the Overlay Mosaic, than a Mug Rug with a leaf as it's central motif. The pattern is to be a beginner friendly pattern, one that you can whip up in less than two hours! Being conversant with this technique, I felt my pattern was written clearly and it would be a breeze for my testers- I was lucky to have eight of them. Most of my testers have never done Overlay Mosaic. That is when the discussions got animated- lots of questions thrown at me and lots of clarifications that were needed. This is the most exciting part of pattern designing - when you realise what may be very clear to you, is not always the case when someone else reads it. The wording on the pattern was reworked and pictures and more explanations added. The end result is hopefully a pattern clear enough and provides instant gratification since you quickly will have a finished piece in your hands.


The pattern is written in US terms and all stitches are described in detail. It is a beginner friendly pattern and adaptable to both left and right handed crafters. The Mug Rug is designed using Cotton DK /#3 yarn. Cotton is heat resistant, absorbent, durable and easy to wash. This makes it the perfect yarn to use for any kind of coaster. Since Overlay Mosaic gives a thicker fabric, it makes it a perfect insulator to protect your table surfaces from hot or cold drinkware. You could use acrylic yarn but that would make the piece more decorative than functional.

The Fall into Autumn Blog Hop is hosted by RaeLynn of @itchinforsomestitchin and Sarah of @nedandmimi. The patterns range from Home Decor to Wearables to Accessories. All designed by talented folk from around the world.

The pattern for the Autumn Moods Mug Rug is available here. You can also check out all the other patterns available in my Ravelry Store.



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