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Twinkling Lights

Updated: May 16

(Originally published on Tues, 21 Dec 2021)

Christmas has always been a big celebration for me- more to do with the joy of family time than anything else. Growing up we always spent Christmas together as a family. It meant a grand meal and decorations including a real live Christmas tree.

When I had my own family, we started out with a small Christmas tree bought at a garage sale in the US for all of $1! A few years later we got ourselves a larger tree, which we still have today. In the last many years it has been my daughter who has taken over setting up the tree. Given her way, she would have it up all year long. The excitement with which she puts up the tree and chooses a theme for the decorations is something un paralleled. And only when everything is just so, do the lights get turned on! And with that the Christmas season officially starts at our home.

It is with this picture in mind that I have designed The Twinkling Lights Square for the Love and Joy Blanket CAL 2021.  This is a month long CAL with one new pattern each day. The patterns for the 31 squares are by designers from all over the world. What better way to celebrate the season than creating an heirloom piece that has a bit of many people worldwide. Especially in times like this, it sets out to unite us all.

Twinkling Lights is available in my Ravelry Store.

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