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Autumn, Filet and Blog Hops

 (Originally published on Fri, 12 Aug 2022)


Autumn or Fall is a season that does not really exist in the Southern part of India. While growing up I got to see beautiful pictures of Fall in New England- the colours are stunning! A few years ago I managed to catch the first signs of these colours for real while visiting the US. It is truly a sight to behold

Having said that, we have a tree in our garden- the Badam Tree or the Indian Almond Tree. Squirrels love to run up and down this tree, nibbling at the fruit. The Fruit Bats come every night to have their feast. The tree is home to a variety of birds including the Indian Cuckoo aka Koel. This tree has large green leaves, which turn to red twice a year and it sheds its leaves. One time is in February and the other in October. The colour is just gorgeous and gives me a glimpse of the traditional 'Fall Colours'. The leaves disintegrate a bit and have holes in them as they fall.

Enough about trees and let me turn to the crux of this post- Filet crochet. It is a very traditional form of crochet that creates beautiful patterns just using open and closed squares. Most early filet patterns have people, flowers, leaves, etc. and some more intricate ones have full scenes and even prayers written out. It first caught my eye about 4 years ago when I was looking for a gift for a friend. As intricate as it is, I found it easy to follow since it just uses double crochet stitches and chains. Following the graph was important. It looks the best when worked with a thin thread and small hook. Though there is no limit to the yarn/thread used- in fact I have another filet pattern in the works, which will use a DK yarn.

Bringing together the idea of autumn with Filet crochet, I designed a little coaster which has an 'eaten-away' leaf as it's central motif. The more open look in filet is created by something called Lacet Stitches. This piece is surprisingly quick to make and you could easily whip up a set for a gift or for your craft fairs. If you are new to filet, don't worry, the pattern includes detailed instructions and video links to work with.

As part of the Crochet Blog Hop- hosted by the talented Pam of Carroway Crochet and Susanna of Fosbas Designs, this pattern will be available for free for one day and one day only!

The pattern for the Autumn Moods Coaster is available here. You may also want to check the other patterns in my Ravelry Store.

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